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Hydraulic Bollards Supplier In Delhi Ncr FEATURE: Hydraulic movement: The most reliable technology for intense temperatures and weather conditions. Built–in hydraulic pump in the bollard: These bollards have many advantages, particularly in installations on locations with severe winter temperatures or when the installation requires a considerable distance(up to 80 meters) between the Bollard and the control unit. Patented system for the protection of handling: To maximize the reliability of operations due to impact by vehicles on the cylinder that is put in motion. Wide range of optional configurations: Custom colors, flashing lights integrated into the head, intermittent sound signal, heat resistance installations in locations with harsh winter temperatures, UPS unit for operation in the temporary occurrence of power failure, equipment control, equipment accident prevention (see accessories and optional items).
Road Blocker » Available in 3/4/5/6 meters » Possibility to integrate with Boom Barrier » Power Supply: 415 V, 50 Hz » Drive mechanisms of Road blocker consist of suitable Hydraulic Motor unit with internal locking controller for Auto Off in fully raised & lowered position with limit switches and manual operation in case of Power Failure » PCB Electronic Circuit to automatically switch off motor in case of fault Flat Road Block with following Specification: » Blocking Height above road level: 600mm (minimum) » Thickness of the structure Steel Component: 8 mm (minimum) » Steel Structure to be capable to withstand static impact loads of heavy vehicles. » Break in resistance < 600000 Joule. » Opening & Closing time 6-8 sec (adjustable) Road Blocker Optional Accessories: » Remote Controller » Two ways Traffic Light » Pair of Photocell Safety Beam
Tripod Turnstile Supplier in Delhi NCR Ensuring security and crowd management at the entrance in areas such as railway platforms, passenger terminals, sports stadiums, Corporate Parks etc requires a turnstile. So, in order to manage crowds at busy hours and restrict entries effectively, ASN SERVICES PVT LTD presents Slim Tripod Turnstile. Features The turnstile has electro mechanical mechanism brushless DC Motor. 3 x 120 degree rotating tripod arms Bi-directional operational control The turnstile has a self-centering mechanism with hydraulic damping Integrated with access control Case work available in mild steel powder coated or stainless steel 304, with stainless steel arms Lockable casing 380mm or 500mm walkway (standard is 380mm) Designed for pedestrian entrance control, these turnstile gates open only for those with authorised access. Its rotating arms allow one person through at a time. The tripod turnstile’s rotating arms allows one person through at a time. Related Information Optional Features: The turnstile has an automatic drop arm feature in case of emergency The auto swirl of the tripod turnstile is Sensor based Case work - stainless steel-316 ASN SERVICES PVT LTD. Turnstile has indoor applications like corporate offices, IT parks, airports, large business facilities etc.