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ASN is one of the Parking and Vehicle Automation in India having successfully implemented/Installed Parking Management System in various malls/Hospitals across India. ASN Automation product range are world class vertically integrable, customizable & scable system, which includes a trusted range of following solution(s) with a satisfied customer base with sales & after sale.

  • Parking Management System (PMS) : Covering all Variants viz Public or Private.
  • Parking Guidance System (PGS) : Slot Parking System/Floor Counting.
  • RFID System (Long Range, Short Range).
  • Turnstile.

ASN System is effective, Intelligent, accurate, scientific parking management system which is keeping an optimization and integrated with domestic and overseas requirement.

The versatility and capability acquired by ASN Automation Team of highly qualified & experienced professionals to visualize, design, engineer, develop, deliver & commission the most complex performance enhancing, efficiency increasing & resolving challenges has awarded long lasting business relationship with Global leading system integrators.

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